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Common Sense Alaska Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter driving in Alaska can be especially challenging and potentially deadly for those who aren't prepared for a breakdown or accident.  In Alaska, often we have to serve to avoid a moose and could have easily run off the road.  Unless someone notices the tracks running off the road, we could be stranded in or out of a car for hours or days. We must be prepared to deal with the situation on our own without reliance on outside help that may never arrive.

  1. Firebug keychain on every key ring
  2. Jumper cables
  3. Flash light and lithium batteries
  4. Emergency signaling road flares (these are great fire starters!)
  5. Full size spare tire and tire chains
  6. Simple Tool Kit (Leatherman, socket set)
  7. Vehicle Fire Extinguisher (ABC or Halon)
  8. Shovel and tow strap 
  9. Sleeping Bag, tarp and packet of hand warmers 
  10. Extra Clothes - Boots, Socks, Gloves, Hat, Snow Pants, Heavy Parka
  11. Water and Emergency Food
  12. Rescue Tool within arms reach (roll over after dodging a moose?)
  13. Good survival knife or axe
  14. Emergency Medical Kit