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Fire Bugs

The Fire Bug is a durable stainless steel key chain embedded with a high-quality, military-grade firesteel, scraper, mylar signal mirror, waxed jute tinder and an x-acto knife. This should be on your snowmachine, car, 4-wheeler, boat or plane

Firesteel:  Firesteel is a chemically altered alloy using rare earth metals.  All firesteel rods are not equal. You can buy cheap firesteel and you get what you pay for.  Our firesteel is purchased from the vendor for the US Military. It is the best you can buy.  Combine them with the knife-grade scrapers and you get robust sparks.

Jute:  Jute is a type of twine that we soak in parrafin wax to make it waterproof and allows it to catch a spark and continue to burn even in challenging conditions​


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