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Alaska Survival Bracelet

Alaska Survival Bracelet

Alaska Paracord Designs

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 How to find the right size: Take a piece of string and wrap it snug around your wrist. Then measure the length in inches.

The Alaska Survival Bracelet is a serious survival tool.  It has everything you need to start a fire, no matter how cold or wet the weather conditions.  You can then use the paracord to lash together a shelter. Our firesteel with the ceramic scraper creates a 5000 degree spark. The center strand of the bracelet has waxed jute tinder that will start a fire even when it is soaking wet.  

Simple and effective. Everything you need and nothing you don't.  Attractive, military-spec 550 paracord (17 feet), custom machined military grade firesteel, ceramic knife scraper, and waterproof waxed jute tinder. The whistle buckle keeps it on your wrist securely and signal for help!